Hazel supported me in the early stages of breastfeeding two of my daughters. She was such a reassuring and encouraging presence and her expertise and experience gave me the confidence and tools I needed to overcome the different challenges I had.


With her guidance I fed the one daughter for two and a half years and am still going strong with the other.

Rachel and Elodie


After a difficult time breastfeeding my first son for only a few weeks before suffering from recurring mastitis, I was incredibly nervous about how I would manage feeding my second.  Hazel visited me at home on day 3 and gave me the practical advice and emotional support I needed to gain confidence with breast feeding again and the technique and positions suitable for my breast size and shape which was invaluable.  By that afternoon Finn was latching perfectly each feed and the midwives were very impressed that he didn't drop any birth weight despite being a 8lb8 baby.  Hazel being available on text has provided me the ongoing support I needed to get through these first few weeks, knowing someone is there for me who understands that breastfeeding isn't easy and can offer solutions as well as just listen.  Breastfeeding is as rewarding as I'd hoped and Finn is a thriving, content chubby baby.  :)

Sarah-Jayne and Finn


I contacted Hazel to help me with breastfeeding after a friend recommended her. On our first visit Hazel made me feel really relaxed and comfortable and spent a lot of time with me and my baby not only to see what positions would work best for us but to also support me in how I was currently feeding my baby. Due to a ventouse delivery and difficult recovery for me, we hadn’t quite mastered positioning/the latch and were quite late trying so I was expressing and bottle feeding my breastmilk. Hazel gave me advice on how to increase my milk supply to keep up with my babies demand, sterilising pumps (this was fantastic as I’d previously spoken to a breastfeeding counsellor who wouldn’t discuss the use of bottles, pumping and sterilising), storing milk and showed me how to feed him which would mimic the boob. This also helped reduce the amount of times he brought milk up too. At the time we couldn’t quite get the positioning to work for us as my baby was very agitated so I used Hazel’s support to continue expressing breastmilk. My baby is now 10 weeks old and we haven’t given up. As he’s now bigger and has more body control I’ve tried positions that Hazel suggested would work for us and although we’re not 100% there we are definitely improving! I can’t thank Hazel enough for her support. Although when we met it looked unlikely that I could ‘traditionally’ breastfeed, her help and advice gave me the support I needed to give my baby breastmilk through the bottle. As long as my baby was getting breastmilk that was the most important thing to me and she helped me achieve it and continue to do so. 

Dani and Cassidy



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