One-to-one breastfeeding support

An initial session of approximately 90 minutes

costs £30.**

After this, a follow up session will cost £20

.If you are on a low-income, I am happy to discuss different pricing with you

** If you live further beyond a 5 mile radius of Twickenham the initial session will be £35 and a follow up £25.


My personalised visit to you will give us the opportunity to discuss and help manage your breastfeeding challenges. These may include: 
• Frequent breastfeeding
• Unsettled baby
• Sore nipples/painful breasts

• Sleep concerns

• Weight concerns
• Milk supply issues
• Breast refusal
• Breastfeeding after an assisted delivery
• Breastfeeding following breast surgery
• Relactation
• Breastfeeding on return to work
• Breastfeeding in public



Antenatal education

You may also find it helpful to arrange a session antenatally where we can discuss your expectations for breastfeeding or talk through any previous breastfeeding experiences. An antenatal meeting and a follow-up support session once the baby is born would cost £50.


Small Group Sessions
If you prefer to learn and share ideas with others, maybe a group setting is better for you. Whether an antenatal or postnatal group is preferred, I can facilitate a breastfeeding session in your home amongst your friends. As well as benefiting from the social event, you will be developing mechanisms for ongoing breastfeeding and parenting support.

Only £10 per person or £60 for a 5 week course




Twins support

Each baby has a need for individual support to establish breastfeeding so an initial session will last approximately 2 hours for £50

After this we can discuss a pricing structure for follow up sessions

If you are on low-income, I am happy to discuss different pricing with you.




Debriefing your breastfeeding experience

If you have had trouble breastfeeding a baby in the past, it may help to work through what happened and deal with any destructive (and unnecessary) feelings of guilt. Because this is such a sensitive subject and I do not want any barriers to you accessing this help, I am offering a debrief session FREE of charge

Breastfeeding an Older Baby

Not so long ago you were feeding your new born and starting your breastfeeding journey together. Suddenly time has passed and you find yourself feeding and older baby or toddler - something that you may not have envisaged doing. We can negotiate this time together and explore some of the questions and pressures you are experiencing


An  session of approximately 60 minutes to discuss this will cost £20.


Introduction to solids workshops

Gather a few friends for a group workshop to discuss and discover this exciting new phase of your baby's development. Only £10 per person.


Or an individualised session for £20



Cancellations – I understand that things can change after you have booked with me. Should you wish to cancel or re-book your consultation I ask that you give me 24 hours’ notice. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given I reserve the right to charge for the consultation in full. 

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